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Get a Perfect Smile with Veneers at Caulfield Park Dentists

Are you looking to improve the look, shape, and colour of your teeth? Look no further than veneers! Veneers are a cosmetic tool that we use to improve the appearance of teeth. They’re designed to fit over the front of the teeth, acting as a picture-perfect cover while allowing your teeth to remain fully functional.

How Veneers Help

At Caulfield Park Dentists, we try to use veneers with minimal tooth preparation to change the look, shape, and colour of your teeth. Thanks to advanced digital dentistry, we can create a 3D digital smile design for you to see what your smile will look like before we go ahead with the actual veneer procedure.

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The Difference: Crown vs Veneer

While both crowns and veneers improve the appearance of teeth, they serve different purposes.

A veneer is used to change the look of a tooth for cosmetic reasons-patients with stained, chipped, slightly misaligned or discoloured teeth often make great candidates. A crown is used to support a tooth that has suffered damage, like large fillings, trauma, or root canals. Crowns act like a helmet that supports and holds together the tooth, while veneers are more conservative and sit over the front of the tooth.

Each patient at Caulfield Park Dentists is unique, with their own desires and requests. We offer custom veneers and crowns, tailored to your specific needs. Our lab technicians create custom-made cosmetic enhancements that match your teeth perfectly.

Unleash a Beautiful Smile Today

With a custom cosmetic solution, you can achieve a perfect smile without damaging your teeth. At Caulfield Park Dentists, we use digital dentistry to create a custom smile design for you before the procedure, so you can be confident in your decision.

Contact us today to schedule your appointment! We can’t wait to help you achieve your smile goals. We’re happy to offer various payment plans and financing options so that you can get the care you deserve-ask us for more information when you book your visit.


Any invasive or surgical procedures may carry risks. Please always seek the advice of your dentist or qualified healthcare provider regarding any questions or concerns you may have about your dental health or any other medical condition. Each individual’s dental health is unique and proper diagnosis and treatment can only be provided by qualified professionals based on individual circumstances.


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