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Hygiene Appointments in Caulfield

The team at Caulfield Park Dentists are natural born carers! By the end of your first call, you will feel cared for like an old friend. This means when you arrive at the practice for the first time, it will feel familiar and comfortable.

When someone new visits CPD, our team spends time getting to know you. One of the most critical steps to providing the best care possible, is understanding your dental history and the goals you have for your smile. We encourage patients to let us know anything they’re concerned about when it comes to their oral health-we want to help you unlock the smile of your dreams.

Our team takes a unified and comprehensive approach to patient care. For example, we consider how undiagnosed sleep disorders can lead to teeth grinding, as can stress at work. By taking time to get to know you, we can more accurately determine your unique circumstances. We understand that for every medication taken or illness experienced, there is potential for dental implications.

Hygienist Care

At Caulfield Park Dentists, every new patient who attends for a Hygiene Appointment receives a full comprehensive hygiene examination with one of our dental hygienists or Oral Health Therapists. An integral part of our team, our hygienists are trained to screen for gum disease, dental decay and oral cancer.

With a whole-body approach focused on the prevention of oral disease, our hygienists will provide you with a customised oral care routine, so you can take charge of your oral health at home. We also take several photographs, so you can clearly see what is happening in your mouth.

After this, we will painlessly remove any built-up deposits on your teeth and around the gums. We remove superficial stains, apply fluoride if necessary, and we spend time showing you how to take your home care to the next level.

The appointment lasts between 50-60 minutes and is extremely thorough.


Advanced Airflow Technology

To provide our patients with the most comfortable experience, we use EMS Airflow® technology and their guided biofilm removal process. The EMS Airflow system makes for the most pain-free and enjoyable hygiene appointment you will ever have!

Our team refers to it as a dental spa experience for your teeth and gums! It is incredibly comfortable and effective. The EMS Airflow uses a gentle high-pressure stream of warmed water and an antibacterial agent that removes plaque, calculus and surface stains from the tooth. The Airflow technology is also able to remove bacteria from beneath the gum line, targeting the anaerobic bacteria (oxygen-hating bugs) that cause inflammation and gum disease. The treatment is delivered in the least invasive way, with the highest level of comfort, safety and efficiency.

Follow-up Visits

The frequency of follow-up visits depends on each individual and our risk assessment of your potential for gum disease, tooth decay, breakdown, and wear. Some patients come in every 3 or 6 months, while others who are very low-risk might come back every 12 months.

The follow-up visit would also be about 50-60 minutes, with a similar process used to assess your current oral health status, and provide recommendations as needed. We are respectful of your time and try to do as much as possible during each visit.

Focused on Family Dentistry

Getting kids on the right path from a very young age, developing the right habits at home, and helping parents manage their everyday routine is important to us. Minimising disease with preventive care, while creating a calm, friendly environment to put children at ease, helps with creating a positive experience to preserve and promote healthy smiles for a lifetime to come.

We encourage parents to schedule an appointment for their kids when they first get their teeth. That could be as young as 12 months, but more often it’s around the age of 2 or 3. You are welcome to bring your kids along to your own appointments where we can sit them in the dental chair, just to get a feel for the environment.

When you bring your kids in for their first appointment, we have a comprehensive discussion about diet and provide advice to promote healthy eating at home. We also explain how to go about establishing an oral hygiene routine at home so that you can get those healthy habits engrained early on.

We Can’t Wait to See You

Contact Caulfield Park Dentists today to schedule your hygiene appointment. Whether you are a new patient or one of our many long-standing patients, we will treat you all with the same dedication and commitment to your care.


Any invasive or surgical procedures may carry risks. Please always seek the advice of your dentist or qualified healthcare provider regarding any questions or concerns you may have about your dental health or any other medical condition. Each individual’s dental health is unique and proper diagnosis and treatment can only be provided by qualified professionals based on individual circumstances.


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