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Arthritis Dentist

Arthritis Dentist Caulfield NorthAt Caulfield Park Dentists, our team is here to assist you in improving your oral health and overall wellbeing with dental care suited for those with arthritis.

Developing Arthritis-friendly Habits

If you have arthritis, we understand that it may be difficult for you to use a conventional toothbrush and floss to clean your teeth. We can help you develop a realistic dental hygiene plan with advice; for example, an electric toothbrush may be ideal, or you may require a brush with a custom-fit, larger handle.

Providing Treatment Suited to You

We’re happy to work with the needs of our patients who have arthritis. Treatment can be broken up into several shorter appointments instead of a longer visit, and we offer flexible scheduling options.

We can work with your arthritis medications, advising you on any necessary precautions and partnering with your doctors to get you the excellent dental care you need.

One-hour new patient invitation for just $97

Schedule your appointment with our gentle, caring team today! A $97 New Patient Invitation includes an hour-long expert consultation and check with a dentist.



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