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Cancer Dentist

Cancer Dentist Caulfield North

We understand the link between your cancer treatment and oral health. If you have received a cancer diagnosis, we offer dentistry designed specifically for you. We know that you have a unique set of needs which requires ongoing communication with your cancer care team.

We can help you before treatment (with preventative care, to reduce the risks of oral side effects), during treatment (for both preventative and management of oral complications) and after cancer treatment (to manage any after effects of your cancer treatment).

What makes us the right place for you?

  • Expert dentistry. We have years of training and experience in treating patients who have cancer. Your overall wellbeing affects your oral health, and your dental care influences your cancer therapy.
  • Support and collaboration. We understand that your cancer treatment is multifaceted and work with your other doctors to ensure you receive the dental care that’s appropriate.
  • Dental care prior to cancer treatment. Research indicates there is an association between gum disease and several types of cancer. Many of our patients receive dental care before cancer treatment.

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