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  • Eco Friendly Dentistry For All The Family

    Eco Friendly Dentistry For All The Family

    Creating all solutions from dental implants to general dentistry, Caulfield Park Dentists have you covered!
  • Reliable Dental Implants

    Reliable Dental Implants

    Our goal is to restore & help you keep your unique smile for life!
  • Our Team, Your Team

    Our Team, Your Team

    Meet our mature experienced souls, dedicated to offering you the best dental experience ever!
  • Oral Systemic Connection

    Oral Systemic Connection

    Oral health and whole body diseases are more connected than you might think

Caulfield Park Dentists Treatments & Services

When you leave Caulfield Park Dentists with a smile, having had your best-ever dental experience. We have accomplished our mission!

A Healthy Mouth Means A Healthy Body

Did you know that your body is at risk if you don’t maintain A Healthy Mouth?

You could be at risk of the following diseases:


We proudly offer people with Alzheimer’s disease compassionate dental care.
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Heart Disease

An introductory statement about the above illness.
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Improve your oral health using dentistry designed specifically for people battling cancer.
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An introductory statement about the above illness.
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We proudly provide dental care that’s specifically suited for people with arthritis!
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Why us


Exceptional patient care

The team at Caulfield Park Dentists have built a practice based on exceptional patient care. Together, the team has many decades of experience in all facets of family, implant and cosmetic dentistry. To stay at the forefront of patient care, we are constantly furthering our education in all aspects of dentistry.


Accredited dental practice

Caulfield Park Dentists is an accredited dental practice, which means that we are a practice of excellence! This means you can rest assured that all our systems, qualifications, infection control procedures and team members are beyond reproach.


Happy patients

We realise that this may sound like a cliché to someone who has not visited our practice, however we feel that our claims are backed up by the fact that over 90% of our new patients come via word of mouth… i.e. our existing and very happy patients are recommending us to their families and friends.